Embark on a Quest to Grow Your Email List &
Slay Your Revenue Goals

Join this opt-in offer speed sprint

Harness the Magic of a High-Converting Offer, Craft Your Story with a BrandScript, and Tame the Dragons of Marketing to Promote Your Offer like a Seasoned Pro in this 4-Week Journey Designed for Coaches That Want to Break Through $20k/month in Consistent Revenue.


You missed out!

Embark on a quest to create an offer so magical, it'll leave your audience spellbound!

  1. Craft An Irresistible Lead Magnetto grow your email list and captivate your audience.
  2. Weave a High-Converting Sales Page - using StoryBrand-style copywriting wizardry.
  3. Cast a Spell with Your Nurture Emails - a 5-step email sequence that keeps your prospects under your enchantment.
  4. Summon More Fans With Your Offer - using email and social media magic to get your message out there.

Become the master of your own magical kingdom...

Content that turns heads and gets clicks

An offer that delivers the goods & gets you raving fans

An opt-in page that makes it rain subscribers

Nurture emails that weave spells to leads into clients

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Are you a Trailblazing Coach on a quest to build your kingdom of raving fans and slay the dragons of obscurity and scarcity?

You're not alone on this adventure. Many coaches face the challenge of creating an email list that's full of prospects who can't wait to become clients. But fear not, because I've got the magic to make it happen.

Join my Opt-In Offer Speed Sprint!

Embark on a 4-week journey that will help you wield the power of an irresistible lead magnet, write a high-converting sales page using StoryBrand style copywriting, and nurture your leads with a 5-step email series. Plus, I'll show you how to use email and social media to promote your offer like a seasoned warrior.

Say goodbye to stress and frustration and join me on this epic quest to transform your coaching business and achieve your ambitious goals. Enroll now and let's make some magic together.

Weekly Coaching & Feedback Adventures

Join me on a quest to create an irresistible opt-in offer that will enchant your audience and leave them totally entralled and eagerly waiting to become your clients. 

With my guidance and your bravery, we'll craft a treasure that's sure to capture hearts and minds.

Templates & Strategies to Make Magic Happen

As a seasoned wizard of the marketing arts, I've developed magical spells and artifacts to make the process of creating your offer much easier.

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned adventurer, my toolkit will empower you to create something truly wondrous for your business.

Between-the-Session Support Accountability & Support

The journey to success is fraught with peril, but fear not, for I shall be your guide and ally.

In addition to our weekly coaching quests, I'll also provide support and accountability between our sessions to ensure you stay on course.

We'll Be Following the StoryBrand Quest-odology

As a master of the StoryBrand lore, I've honed my skills in the art of persuasion and conversion.

With my insights, we'll weave a tale so compelling, your audience will be powerless to resist its charms and your persuasion.

The Magic of Blue...

What you just did — it felt like magic. That was awesome!

What we just witnessed was freakin' amazing. It was inspiring! This is why we watch sports, because it's fun to watch a person at the pinnacle of something. It's fun to watch someone who's sculpted themselves into a paragon of excellence.

 What you just did — it felt like magic. That was awesome. — Kasim Aslam

She gets right to the juicy stuff... no fluff type of teacher

I really love the way that Christina teaches her information.

She is a no-fluff type of teacher. She gets right to the juicy stuff. 

I really enjoyed the trainings and got a lot of out of them and was able to implement them immediately. — Manny Torres

Entering the Realm of Trailblazing Coaches with Irresistible Offers is as Simple as...

1: Embark on a Quest 

Join me on a journey to discover the secrets of creating an irresistible opt-in offer that will capture hearts and minds.

With a seasoned guide by your side, you'll slay the marketing dragons that have been holding you back and take your coaching business to the next level.

2: Discover the Magic

Unleash the power of StoryBrand-style copywriting as we show you how to craft a high-converting opt-in page that will turn visitors into loyal followers.

You'll discover the secrets of effective storytelling and learn how to create a page that speaks directly to your ideal clients.

3: Claim Your Treasure

Watch as your email list grows and your coaching business flourishes as a result of your hard work.

With the skills and tools you'll learn, you'll be able to attract the right clients and generate consistent revenue that will allow you to live your best life.

Ready to join us on this epic adventure? Sign up for the Opt-In Offer Speed Sprint now!

When You Embark On Your Quest...

you'll join me on a thrilling journey to create a lead magnet that will attract and convert high-quality leads. Each week, we'll delve deeper into the magical world of marketing and discover the secrets to success.


March 25 from 2 to 4 pm Edt

Session 1: The Quest for the Irresistible Offer

Discover the needs and desires of your target audience and craft a powerful offer that they can't resist. With my guidance, you'll develop an offer that will leave your competitors shaking in their boots and deliver raving fans to your door.


April 01 FROM 2 TO 4 PM EDT

Session 2: The Epic Battle for the Opt-In Page

Arm yourself with the StoryBrand Framework and wield the power of persuasive copywriting to create an opt-in page that will vanquish the competition and turn visitors into loyal followers.


April 08 FROM 2 TO 4 PM EDT

Session 3: The Journey to Nurturing Leads

Master the art of email marketing and learn how to create a 5-step email sequence that will nurture your leads and transform them into paying customers. With my guidance, you'll be a lead-nurturing wizard in no time.


April 15 FROM 2 TO 4 PM EDT

Session 4: The Quest for Promotion

Take to the digital skies and learn how to create social media posts and email blasts that will catapult your offer into the spotlight. With my guidance, you'll become a master of promotion and generate leads like never before.


April 22 FROM 2 TO 4 PM EDT

Session 5: The Final Showdown Feedback + Q&A

Get ready to face the ultimate challenge and put your newfound knowledge to the test. In this final session, you'll have a chance to get feedback on your work and ask any lingering questions before riding off into the sunset of success.


You missed out!

Meet Your Quest Master

Christina (Blue) Hooper

She is a legendary master of mind-bending magic, capable of turning even the most mundane business tasks into epic quests of excitement and achievement.

With her unique blend of enchanting charisma and powerful coaching skills, Christina is a trusted guide for ambitious coaches on the hunt for new levels of success.

As an AuDHDer herself, she knows how to tame the fiery dragons of distraction and help neuro-spicy coaches unlock their true potential. She's spent over 16 years honing her craft and has accumulated more than 50 powerful marketing & business certifications, including being a StoryBrand Certified Guide, Business Made Simple Certified Coach, and DigitalMarketer Certified Partner.

Are you ready to embark on a daring adventure to break through the $20k/month barrier and beyond? Then join Christina on this epic Opt-In Offer Speed Sprint quest and become a legend in your own right.

The Magic of Learning From Blue...

YES! Christina you're my new favorite expert. 

I've learned so much from you just in the short time that I've been working with you.

And I've just been absolutely thrilled with everything that we've done together. 

I hope to continue working with you in the future. — Kristin Cales

The entire experience was great all around.

Christina did a great job of explaining the content in the challenge — which I was super appreciative of. She gave us a lot of great resources to where we could do homework each day and get feedback. She was super responsive. From my perspective the entire experience was great all around.

— Thomas McMillan

Very valuable expert... really knows her stuff.

10 out of 10 any day of the week — I'm always willing to learn something from Christina. Very valuable expert and she really knows her stuff, especially on the content side. I really appreciate you. 

Thank you so much and I can't wait to get ready to implement this stuff. 

— Louis Newkirk

Are you ready to embark on your quest?

One that can help you finally break through the $20k/month barrier in your coaching business?

If so, you need the right tools to navigate the treacherous path ahead:

You need a magic potion that attracts the RIGHT clients, so you're not stuck with trolls or other un-coachable creatures that will hold you back from your destiny.

You need a guide that understands the power of magic and can help you harness your own powers to create an irresistible lead magnet and high-converting sales page.

You need a dragon that can speed up the boring stuff, so you can focus on what matters: growing your business & slaying your revenue goals.

You need enchanted templates and systems that make it easier to create a lead magnet that works the first time, so you can save your energy for more important things.

You need a wizard that understands your unique strengths and can help you hone your skills to become the hero of your own story & bring your desires to life.

You need this speed sprint to help you find the magic you need to build a highly engaged email list, attract the right clients, and break through your higher revenue goals.

Join the Opt-In Offer Sprint Today!!!

75% off for the First 30 People


You missed out!




100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you start this sprint and you're not seeing value in what I'm teaching you after the first 2 sessions, I'll refund your investment in this speed sprint.

From Novice to Dragon Slayer...

I am SO STINKING EXCITED. Like a dog wagging its entire body happy-to-see-you excited.
I suspect you will be shocked at the amount of success and support you’re going to see here!
So so valuable! Christina is a business strat genius!!
Got my first email from the lead magnet I created!
The input and ideas she gave me has put some spark and drive into achieving & pushing past the barriers I've had.
Holy smokers! @Christina (Blue) Hooper isn’t kidding. Not often do I find myself speechless… Today, I really felt the connection between my 2-d avatar and adding the depth and flavor to who I’m helping!
I am in awe of how your brain works!
I went from having all the pieces and no plan, to having a whole blueprint in an afternoon!
My mind is very blown in the best of ways! To say our meeting was helpful is a woeful understatement.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I can't attend one of the guided coaching sessions?
We understand that life can get busy, which is why all sessions are recorded and available for replay at your convenience. We also offer email support in between sessions to help you stay on track.

What if I'm not tech-savvy?
No problem! Our templates and coaching sessions are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to coaches of all skill levels. We'll walk you through each step of the process and provide personalized support as needed.

Is there a refund policy?
We offer a 15-day satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with the Opt-In Offer Speed Sprint, simply let us know within 15 days of enrolling and we'll refund your payment in full.

What if I have questions before enrolling?
I'm here to help! Feel free to email me at me@christinahooper.com with any questions or concerns you may have. I'll respond within 24-48 hours.

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