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I'm a marketing addict — OBSESSED with scaling my companies & my clients' companies while building a lifestyle that gives my family peace & comfort.

This site is my "home" — it's where I share the coolest things that I'm doing and the most helpful things I can find.

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Mailing Address: 4685 Happy Valley Rd #349, Flintstone, GA 30725 USA

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The Coolest Things I'm Doing Right Now

Do you want to join free challenges to get things done in your business?

ETA is going to be hosting multiple free challenges over the coming months to help you get things done in your business.

We'll be posting them in our Facebook group - so head over there and don't miss any that can help you.

Learn More at >> https://www.facebook.com/groups/etachallenges

Are you growing your business and fighting with getting things done?

You don't need more courses or training — you need someone to hold you accountable and experts that can help you get s*** done. ETA (Entrepreneurs Taking Action) is the experts and community that you need to get things done!

Learn More at >> https://etatoday.zone

Are you an Entrepreneur or Marketer?

I'm attend a lot of events and read a lot of stuff about marketing, sales, and growing a business. I'm about to start publishing blog articles and sending updates to my subscribers sharing what I learn.

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Are you a Marketing Agency?

We Write Content for Agencies That Sell RESULTS to their Clients
Our team understands how to create content designed to support sales, generate leads, and build thought leadership.

But don't take our word for it... we'll write your first article free.


Do you need a new business website?

If you're struggling with the design or development aspects of your website, I want to help you get that stress off you. I'll build your site with you — LIVE over Zoom so you can be done in days instead of weeks and move on to growing your business.

Sign up now at >> https://sparkitive.com/live-website-build/

My Certifications

I work really hard learning new things all the time. Here are just a few of my certifications.

Don't Miss Anything!

I attend a lot of events. I read a lot of books. And I absorb knowledge from every mentor I can get my hands on.

I'll be sharing the things I learn with my subscribers... so if you care about marketing, sales, or growing a business, then you'll fit in great here!