Hear ye, hear ye, noble adventurers and curious minds!

Enter the Enchanted Realm of Christina's Audience

Gather 'round and embark on a journey through the magical world of Christina Hooper's speaking engagements, where tales of design mastery, enchanting web experiences, and mystical marketing strategies abound.

With her trusty quill and boundless wisdom, Christina captivates her audience, weaving her expertise with the threads of storytelling. Each talk is a potion brewed to empower, enlighten, and delight those who dare to learn from her boundless knowledge.

So, step forth and unveil the scroll of Christina's speaking events. From workshops in the Enchanted Forest to keynotes at the Castle of Conferences, a treasure trove of insights and inspiration awaits.

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What you just did, it felt like magic.

What we just witnessed was freakin' amazing. It was inspiring! This is why we watch sports, because it's fun to watch a person at the pinnacle of something. It's fun to watch someone who's sculpted themselves into a paragon of excellence. What you just did โ€” it felt like magic. That was awesome.

โ€” Kasim Aslam

Embark on a Spellbinding Expedition Through Christina's Magical Speaking Topics! ๐ŸŒŒ๐Ÿ”ฎ

Prepare to be swept away on an enchanting journey as Christina Hooper unveils her mystical teachings, making the oft-perceived mundane world of marketing and business an exhilarating experience for neuro-spicy entrepreneurs. With her arcane knowledge and boundless creativity, Christina transforms the way you approach growth, strategy, and customer understanding.

Venture forth and uncover the captivating speaking topics Christina has crafted to inspire, enlighten, and empower your audience, forging unforgettable tales and triumphant victories:

Mystical Blueprints for Sustainable and Scalable Kingdoms

Embark on a journey with entrepreneurs and business owners, guiding them through the enchanted forest of growth challenges. Unveil the secrets to creating a resilient and thriving business kingdom, where focus, sustainable growth, and scalability reign supreme.

Time-Bending Visions: Accelerating Your Entrepreneurial Destiny

Empower your audience to harness the power of time and transform their grand visions into reality. Share the arcane knowledge required to break down ambitious quests into manageable adventures and cultivate the mindset needed for rapid growth and metamorphosis.

The Hero's Avatar: Unraveling Your Customer's Epic Saga

Reveal the spellbinding, multi-level avatar approach that transcends the ordinary and maps the legendary journey of an ideal customer. Teach your audience the art of aligning their offerings, marketing, and messaging with their customers' trials and triumphs.


You're my new favorite expert!

YES! Christina you're my new favorite expert. I've learned so much from you just in the short time that I've been working with you and I've just been absolutely thrilled with everything that we've done together and I hope to continue working with you in the future.

โ€” Kristin Cales

Coming to All Magical Realms

Seeking a mystical speaker to grace your event with her captivating presence and enchanting wisdom? Look no further, for Christina is here to bestow her magical touch upon your gathering! Be it a podcast enchantment, a workshop adventure, a grand keynote chronicle, or a gathering of the panelist council, Christina's spellbinding expertise will delight, inspire, and enthrall your audience.

Podcast Enchantments

Invite Christina to weave a magical tapestry of insights and tales, captivating your audience with enchanting conversations on topics that resonate with the inquisitive minds of your listeners.

Workshop Adventures

Enlist Christina to lead an interactive, hands-on quest, empowering your fellow adventurers with practical skills and wisdom. Delve into the depths of specific topics and provide your participants with enchanted knowledge they can wield with confidence.

Keynote Chronicles

Summon Christina to grace the forefront of your grand conference or industry gathering, delivering an awe-inspiring and mesmerizing keynote speech that sets the tone for the event, igniting curiosity and sparking conversations among your attendees.

Panelist Councils

Assemble a council of sages by inviting Christina to join your panel discussion, providing diverse perspectives and engaging in spirited debates that unravel the mysteries of your realm, enriching the audience's understanding of the sacred topics.


The entire experience was great all around.

Christina did a great job of explaining the content in the challenge โ€” which I was super appreciative of. She gave us a lot of great resources to where we could do homework each day and get feedback. She was super responsive. From my perspective the entire experience was great all around.

โ€” Thomas McMillan

Christina (Blue) Hooper

She is a legendary master of mind-bending magic, capable of turning even the most mundane business tasks into epic quests of excitement and achievement.

With her unique blend of enchanting charisma and powerful coaching skills, Christina is a trusted guide for ambitious adventurers on the hunt for new levels of success.

As an AuDHDer herself, she knows how to tame the fiery dragons of distraction and help neuro-spicy coaches unlock their true potential. She's spent over 16 years honing her craft and has accumulated more than 50 powerful marketing & business certifications, including being a StoryBrand Certified Guide, Business Made Simple Certified Coach, and DigitalMarketer Certified Partner.

Step Into the Enchanted Podcast Archives of Christina Hooper's Magical Appearances! ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ๐Ÿงช

Behold the treasure trove of podcast episodes that have been graced by the enchanting presence of Christina Hooper! From tales of mystical business wisdom to the chronicles of magical marketing strategies, Christina's spellbinding conversations have captivated listeners across the realm.

Explore the archives and discover the enchanted podcasts where Christina has shared her expertise, igniting the spark of curiosity and weaving unforgettable stories:

Digital Marketer Podcast

Hustle Less,
Profit More

Google Ads Like a Boss

Impact, Income, and Influence


Very valuable expert... really knows her stuff.

10 out of 10 any day of the week โ€” I'm always willing to learn something from Christina. Very valuable expert and she really knows her stuff, especially on the content side. I really appreciate you. Thank you so much and I can't wait to get ready to implement this stuff.

โ€” Louis Newkirk


She gets right to the juicy stuff.

I really love the way that Christina teaches her information. She is a no-fluff type of teacher. She gets right to the juicy stuff. I really enjoyed the trainings and got a lot of out of them and was able to implement them immediately.

โ€” Manny Torres

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Do you seek a spellbinding speaker to grace your gathering with her presence, share her wisdom, and captivate your guests? Look no further, for you have found the enchantress of the digital realm, Christina Hooper!

With a wave of her wand, Christina brings the magic of design, web development, and digital marketing to life, leaving audiences spellbound and brimming with newfound knowledge.

Should you wish to summon Christina to your upcoming event, simply complete the ancient parchment (form). Provide the details of your mystical gathering, and our team of magical messengers will ensure your request reaches Christina.

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